Saturday, December 5, 2009

Busy Making Merry....

Market Day in Newnan, the last one of 2009.
It was bitterly cold and foot traffic was down from the usual.
But we had a great time anyway, regardless of sales!
We finally got to get together with our friend John. He was busy signing his book but made time for some photos.
My hubby's friend Eddy stopped by. He bought my favorite walking stick but I forgave him when I saw the photo he took of it. To see his beautiful work, go here.
C.S. joined us for lunch and decided on a monster hot dog.
John and his lovely wife joined us for lunch too. I would love to have a picture of her to post also, but we only have one of her eating and I didn't think she would appreciate it. :-)
Then my hubby had a wedding to do!
He officiated at the wedding of our dear friends Rob and Jen. They braved the cold to be married in the Kroger parking lot, commemorating their first meeting place.
Introducing the newly weds!
The guys posing in produce.
The new couple hamming it up.
Sorry for not posting more lately but as you can see my dance card has been full. But keep checking in as I will be posting all my holiday wares....before I run out of time!


Clay Perry said...

it was a good day.. cold.. but good...

John Pender said...

Hey! That's me!