Friday, March 6, 2009

Kokopelli, I found some more blue!

Here is another piece I finished during our snow day here in Georgia. If you've been reading you already know I am partial to blue. I find myself drawn more and more to these frosted glass pieces too.
It isn't a "classic" blue Kokopelli, but still so pretty. I love how they swirled the two shades together - giving me two blues for the price of one! :-)


Kokopelli said...

This pendant is beautiful, but it appears more of a turquoise/green on my screen. But the pendant is beautiful! I like those frosted pieces, too, but couldn't find any of them here. But I got lots of sea glass, which is frosted, too, and can be made to pendants and dangles with a bit of wirework.

Betty BeadBug said...

K: It does have that shade to it but the swirl in it is a blue...odd, but still blue. :-) There is only one shop, locally, that I can find these pieces at. The line is called might be able to look on line and see what all they have to offer. I would love sea have the better deal and I envy you. :-) xo