Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birds Revisited....

I feel so in love with the birds I decided I had to make another.
I guess it could end up being a bit redundant but I know I am not finished with these little guys. The possibilities are endless. I can guarantee that there will be more of them. My good friend at Witch Hollow was kind enough to fill my head with so many ideas. They are clamoring to come out!
I think that I love the earrings this time as much as I do how this version of the birds turned out.


Junebug said...

They are all so pretty.
I wish I had the necklace with the leaf to wear for right now.
They are all so pretty.

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! these are amazing....very clever and creative....thanks for popping in and saying hello!!!


Perfectly Twisted said...

They there! Thanks for stopping over to visit my blog! Was great to see your lovely comments and I appreciate them. This necklace you made is awesome - i LOVE the revisit you did with this one. I'm glad you enjoyed the dragons too! I hope you get the hubby to make some - you'll have to post pictures if you do, I'd love to see them! Hugs and have a wonderful day!