Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright

I came across the star pendants completely by accident. Kind of wandering around in my own head trying to figure out what it was I came in there for. I tend to get into the bead store and just forget. As I wandered around the stars just jumped out at me. I like how the earrings turned out...like little disco balls with the way they catch the light.
I loved this one and seriously considered not even having it for sale. It worked out for the best though. One of my dearest friends grabbed it right up. She will wear it to her holiday party this coming weekend. I hope it's a great party "Fidget" and that you enjoy this piece.


Bev's Jewelry said...

The necklace is fabulous! Sort of the wear with everything kind of necklace but classy!

sunnygirl said...

i love it. it looks like a perfect christmas star/snowflake, must be why God directed you to it.

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Betty...this piece is lovely...and I tend to always forget what I need when I am at the craft store...I end up getting into all kinds of things and then finally remember when I get home...lol

Your friend will look amazing with this piece at her Holiday party!!!


Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Its beautiful, what a wonderful wintery accessory! Your work always amazes me.

Betty BeadBug said...

sunnygirl: i hope you know how much your opinion matters to me...it has my whole life. i will always follow the stars home to you.

Diana: Good I am not the only one who loses her mind when I walk in the craft store! Got all the way home the other day, excited to work with the stars, just to realize I forgot to get earring findings. sigh. It was worth it in the long run. :-)

Witch Hollow: Aw! You are my dear, sweet friend. Thank you so much and may I say right back at you? You keep me inspired! You rock. For anyone reading this go check out www.witchhollowprimitives.com - she does amazing work!
Bev: Thank you so much! I thought the very same thing. You can dress it up but if you want to wear it with jeans you are good to go. That is exactly why my friend was so quick to grab it from me! :-)

HeartofGoldPlate said...

Can I request one of these with just the black diamond shaped ones? I know I keep asking for stuff, but it's almost as close to imitation when it comes to flattery. :D

Betty BeadBug said...

Yes, you can request one. For you anything in my power. Just keep track of what you want because you know how my memory is. The way you want it will be super easy. :-)