Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazy Weekend....

There were Secret Agents in disguise.....who is that guy?
Dogs galore loving on my dad...and there are two missing in the picture.
Teaching myself to work with chain.
I like this one. The stamping on the heart reads "Secret Garden".
With everything going on I am glad that I was able to get anything done. We are busy, busy, busy these days....but it's still good. Lots getting done around here and still a little time for beading. I can always sleep later right? :-)


Perfectly Twisted said...

One of the dang cutest spy guys I've ever seen! lol!! What a delight to come here expecting to find new jewelry pieces and seeing this mustache instead! :) Hugs my friend, hope all things are wonderful and well.

Betty BeadBug said...

Thanks hon, we think he is pretty cute too...I guess we'll keep him. He got a spy kit at the book store and has been in that mode ever since. I love to post the beading and get feedback but have to throw in the rest of my life every once in a while. :-) I hope things are going great for you too. xo xo

Clay Perry said...

i love the chain work