Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goblinz Tagz Me

I was tagged by the Goblin...he told me I needed to go to the first file and upload the first picture. As you can see by the date it is an older picture. Taken at my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party. That was a good night. Now, I have to tag 4 other people, hmmm......
1. Solid Snake
2. Slapdash Haberdashery
3. Witch Hollow Primitives
4. Retail Clerk with a Heart of GoldPlate
Now, I must go and let them know that the Goblinz tag has been passed to them. I will be back to beading for tomorrow's blog. Hope you all have a great Sunday.


boo said...

I do so love a game of tag! But what am I supposed to do now, darlin? *snicker*

Betty BeadBug said...

You open the first file and upload the first photo...get busy.