Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lost Forest

My father-in-law has been gone over a year now. I think I miss him even more now. I catch myself thinking of things I need to remember to tell him. Something James did that he would get a kick out of, or thinking of how much Patrick is grown and how proud I think he would be. His memory pops up for me at the most random in the bead store. As soon as I saw this pendant I could hear his voice in my head saying "the Lost's what he used to call his property. I worked on this and thought of him. It was painfully hard to sell it, but I can't help but feel I was meant to. You can't hold on to hard to things. You can only love them and then let them go when it is time to. I miss you Dad.


Clay Perry said...

he wouldve liked it.. i miss him too

Kokopelli said...

What a wonderful story! And what a beautiful jewelry set! This sounds like me and my grandfather. He's gone for five years now but sometimes I just feel like he must come through the door the next moment.

Betty BeadBug said...

C: For whatever reason I am missing him more these days, maybe because of the anniversary, I'm not sure. Thank you for saying he would have liked it, even if he didn't he would have encouraged me....pushing me to do my best.
K: That is exactly it. Sometimes when I go to visit my mother in law I still look to his chair. I expect him to wake up from one of his famous cat naps and smile at me and ask "What are you doing Boggle Butt?". I think the set was lovely too, thank you for saying so.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Jules,

What a legacy of love Delmos Perry left for his family!

Not many men have posthumously inspired an amazing piece of artistry like this. May his spirit live forever in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

That is an incredible set! Forceful and delicate at the same time. Not an easy thing to achieve.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots