Thursday, May 14, 2009

blue Tear Drop Pendant

Kokopelli I found this lovely blue, swirled teardrop pendant and couldn't resist. I knew we would both love it. I like how the earrings worked out know I love a dangle.


Christina J. said...

I'm all about a dangle myself! This turned out very nice. Love the blue.

Kokopelli said...

Oh, wow! The pendant is beautiful and it looks like water! Is it glass? Haven't been here for a while, which is sad, but I have the same apologies like you. ;-) So many things going on here and the days are just too short.

Betty BeadBug said...

CJ: Thank you. I am always hesitant to do to much dangle but then go for it anyway and end up loving it.
It does look like water and I think it is glass but am not sure. So many well made resin pendants out there with a feel of glass that I don't want to fib to you on accident. I days keep getting away from me. So much to do and to few hours...if only I didn't have to sleep! :-)