Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dragon Fly

I made this piece about a month ago. I am constantly buying dragon fly pieces. Not because I like or dislike them but because my sister loves them. Working with them brings her to me and is almost like having time with her. As you might have read my Lola, her daughter, came to visit not long ago. She was kind enough to take this one back to give to her. When I asked her if she got her surprise she told me "it's fabulous". Praise from her means more to me than it might from anyone else and I am still holding it close to my heart. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy thinking of you wearing it. I miss you.

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Kokopelli said...

Yesterady I spent a wonderful sunny day in my parents' garden sitting by the pond with them, talking, enjoying food etc. And many dragonflies were there, too, hunting over the pond. They're like flying jewels. So sparkling and beautiful!