Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....

My Lola came to visit. You can visit her at Heart of Goldplate. I can't tell you how great it was to see you Lola-Folana. You make my heart happy and my sides hurt from laughter. You feel like home to me.
I was able to get some beading done this week. I had three orders to fill and slipped in a few pieces that just came to me, no instructions necessary.
I acquired a new assistant. His primary function is to help with listing the pricing. Everyone gets a big kick out of how well he is getting at writing out his numbers.
Patrick finally got to indulge his latest wish for a mohawk. His cousin, who he has called "sister" since he was old enough to talk, was able to give it to him. His Dad and I assisted with the finishing touches.
Steve was kind enough to take his vacation to drive all the way to Georgia to bring my Lola and my Bean for a visit. Thanks Steve. I have one word for you...inappropriate. Just try to fire me now! :-)

Last, but definitely not least, here is my sweet Bean. He is one of the sweetest little boys that I have ever had the pleasure to get to love. Remember Bean, Grauntie loves much! If his cuteness is as addictive to you as it is to me then you can visit him too at Hey, Look! A Baby!
I miss you already blueberry, James misses you even more. He hid his face and couldn't bear to tell any of you good bye. After you left he cried his little heart out and told me he just couldn't stop thinking about you and he missed you so much it made his heart hurt so bad, a million.

I will be out of touch for a little bit. Going on a little trip with my sister in law, just us girls. So be sure to check back with me in a week or so and I am sure to have something new for you. Even if it is just pictures of my travels.


LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Jules,

How wonderful to have loved ones visit! Travel safely, full-joy your girl-time with your snl and return safely.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Junebug said...

Have fun.REST and RELAX.
Enjoy the Whirlpool.
Talk to guys every night.
Send me a postcard.

Betty BeadBug said...

It was wonderful to have loved ones visit. I love these visitors in particular very much. It is an awesome thing to see my wee ones grow and bring me new wee ones to love. I am so blessed. Our travels here passed without a hitch. My snl received a gps as a birthday gift from her loving hubby and it made it comepletely stress free. So far we are having the best time. Part of me will never grow up and being around Disney makes that kid inside so happy. I walked around the Disney market place all morning yesterday while she was in meeting and sang along with every song. Got some goodies for my guys and a little to much sun by the pool. I am so white I glow in the dark most of the year but never thought 30-40 mins. out there would be to much. That's what I get for thinking! :-)

I am resting, relaxing, running around with a big smile on my face. Having a great time with Alyson, we travel well together and that was very nice to find out. Have talked to my guys many times during the day, have to have a fix from them regularly. You know how homesick I get, even when I am having a good time. I am on the look out for a post card for you. I will know it when I see it and so far it hasn't appeared to me. I am hoping that I will find a great one when I got to see Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear. :-)

Love to you both. xo said...

hi Betty..
we love your cute blog
mona & the girls
so glad we popped in for a visit :)