Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling Blue?

I have been feeling blue, but not sad. Just falling in love with every shade of blue that I see. I am helpless to resist it.
I did restrain myself enough to alternate the lovely glass bicones with crystal rounds and some larger simulated crystal bicones. But it was a close thing. :-)


Perfectly Twisted said...

I love this set and the background you have is outstanding! You compliment your jewelry very well. :) xo

boo said...

Well now, who can say no to blue? Lovely, as always.

Betty BeadBug said...

thank you ladies for your kind words as always. I am a bit scattered sometimes when making up my mind Perfectly Twisted but think I will leave this template up for awhile. Every time I change it I have to reload everything and I think I will enjoy it as it is. I can't say no to blue lately Boo...I just don't have it in me. :-)

Kokopelli said...

Blue is my all-time favorite color. If I can have something in blue (beads, clothes etc.), I'll get it.
Beautiful work!