Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red Flowered Glass Beads

These beads had been in my bead box for a long time now. I kept looking at them and thinking I need bead caps to finish those off. The thought would promptly leave my head as soon as I was done looking at them so they stayed in my box for months. I finally remembered to get the caps when I saw them at the store this weekend...pure luck. I alternated them with some glittered, glass round and red glass bicones. I'm sorry that the photos are so dark. I didn't get a chance to take pictures till the natural light outside was already gone. The time just gets away from me these days.


boo said...

Oh, this is so gorgeous! I love how deep the colors are, and how well the bead caps set off the details in the flowers on the beads.

Clay Perry said...

i love these beads..

Betty BeadBug said...

Thank you both! I love the beads and caps myself. A lot of the hand made beads aren't finished on the ends so the caps are a necessity. I am glad I held on to them for so long...actually turned out ok.